By: miktator

Dec 16 2010

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Category: Africa

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Focal Length:22.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Big rocks surround the town of Mwanza at the shore of Lake Victoria. Some of them have been piled by overwhelming forces milions of years ago so that we can climb them nowadays and overlook the infinite lake that carries the name of an English queen. Besides the function of a viewpoint, the rocky hills serve the people as a reservoir: after each rainfall the depressions that have been washed out over the years are filled with clean water. During the rainy season, these two boys go up to that hill every day to fetch water. Jiwe Kubwa the place is called. It means “Big rock” in Swahili.


One comment on “Waterboys”

  1. Wonderful kids, searchingly looking into the camera, slightly in awe. The one boy in his US “Old Navy” t-shirt, barefoot, seemingly self-assuredly grinning but with a tinge of uncertainty in his smile; the taller boy in his white shirt more serious, proudly showing off his red flipflops. But who are the men behind the big rock, one lying in the shade, the other half-sitting (with a poster t-shirt of whom?)? What does the photo not show? That is what intrigues me – the picture beyond the frame.

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