Perfect Beauty

By: miktator

Dec 10 2010

Category: Europe


Winter is recapturing Switzerland. The roofs are covered with a layer of snow that is so thin that the next time temperature is rising just a tiny little bit the warmth will make the whitness disappear so quickly that we will all start doubting whether the snow has really been there or whether it has just been a product of our imagination  – a dream, like so many other things that are too beautiful to be constant.

Even if we know we have seen these things, it is sometimes hard to believe that it has not been merely a dream. Take the picture above. I found it in my archive. Of course, I remember the day, I remember the sight of the cottage, I remember the smoke coming out of the chimney, I remember the sun disappearing in the trees. But the memory was too perfect to be taken for real if I had not found that particular picture again proving me that moments of perfect beauty really exist.

(Copyright by Michael Schilliger, 2004)


2 comments on “Perfect Beauty”

  1. wie kitschig! 😛

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