After Weststreet

By: miktator

Oct 29 2010

Category: Europe

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I have shown several pictures of the Weststrasse or Weststreet already. I have told you that is famous for being the street with the most traffic in the entire town of Zurich. Not a place where anybody would wonna live. Only those that have no other choice have settled here: Tamils, Africans, Albanians, poor Swiss students. It was not the best street to live at, but it was a place where you could afford living even if you had not the money that is required to feel like being a worthy member of the oh-so-goddamfuckedup-hip-community-that is Zurich. One of the last places in this town where the ones that have been left behind could gather the strenght to once again enter the game of insanity and vanity.

Now the Weststreet has been closed for cars and motorbikes and any other possible producer of poisonous gases. The Street is supposed to become a nice, decent side street, some trees on the sidewalk, just one lane for the cars instead of three. The whole neighbourhood is gonna be transformed into a quiet, warm and welcoming place. Prices are of course gonna be rising. The houses with their shitty apartments without hot water in the kitchen are gonna be renovated. And soon the Weststreet will not be anymore that only place which the forgotten, lost or – in the case of the Africans and Albanians – unwelcome ones would call their home. They can’t pay the higher prices. They are gonna be pushed out of their apartments. They will leave the town, cause there is not so much cheap space left. You know the moral of that story? In Zurich people do not need to vote for any strange or fucked up antimigration or deportationlaw if they wonna get rid of strange people. The town gets rid of them anyway.

Of course, there is also a funny side about that story. What if the Africans and Tamils that have left the Weststreet would move to one of those litte villages in the rural space of which you can only hope that the people living there are sniffing too much fertizilizer so that you could explain why these inhabitants of the most retarded spaces of Switzerland do hope for stricter migration laws although they do not even know a single migrant themselves?


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