At home

At the home of a fellow teacher in Mwanza, Tanzania. He is sharing one room with his wife. There is just enough space for the bed and a tiny table which  resembles more two stools covered with a blanket than a real table. Beneath the bed, his wife stores cups and a pot for cooking as well as a bag with rice and sugar. The window is not paned, but closed with used cardboard boxes. Next to the window, you can see his uniform hanging. It is the former uniform of the Balair, a swiss airline that does not exist anymore. They had generously donated their old uniforms.

It is a very small home for a teacher. Where is he marking the homework of his students? Where does he keep the books he needs in order to prepare his lessons? Does he own books? How can there be progress in Tanzania if even the teachers do not enjoy working conditions that would allow them to prepare themselves seriously?

(Copyright by Michael Schilliger, 2007)


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