Uniforms – Children learning IV

By: miktator

Apr 21 2010

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Category: Africa

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Focal Length:18.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

While their “casual” clothes might be full of stains and wholes, the pupils’ school uniform is faultless, spotless, stainless, impeccable. Skirts for the girls, shorts for the boys. The rule sounds common to you? We also had such rules in Europe, only fifty, sixty years ago, didn’t we? How come the Africans have the same rules? Cause we brought them our rules when we colonized them?

While we have overcome the times where social rules are that openly and directly formulated, Africa has not. Even worse, that the rules that have not yet been abandoned are the rules of Europe and not the original rules of Africa. Only the hairstyle reminds us of the continent on which the little lady is so attentively listening to her teacher.

(Copyright by Michael Schilliger, 2007)


One comment on “Uniforms – Children learning IV”

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