Unregulated market

A markethall in Mwanza, Tanzania. Watermelons and glass bottles that once used to be filled with the Tanzanian sugar cane liquor called Konyagi. Now they are home to sweet honey. Farmers and tradespeople discussing, bargaining, shouting. Children offering you to carry your purchases for just some ridiculous cents.

A Tanzanian market can be inspiring and tiresome, cause it is an unregulated market. As on every unregulated market, on a Tanzanian market there are also thieves, swindlers and cheaters. Still, the Tanzanian thieves are pleased if their daily work brings them a few dollars a day. Compared with the thieves and cheaters that we have on our (unregulated) financial markets in Europe, the Tanzanian thieves, therefore, are  cuddly creatures…

(Copyright by Michael Schilliger, 2007)


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