Fetching water

By: miktator

Mar 20 2010

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Category: Africa

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Focal Length:8.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A mother with her children fetching water at the shore of Lake Victoria in Tanzania. Daily routine work. Hard work. Tiresome and dangerous. Crocodiles are waiting in the shallow water. Of course, all the crocodiles are sleeping at daytime. They say… And in case you get bitten by a crocodile, you just have to pretend not being alive. Act as if you were dead. Don’t move. Then the crocodile might think that it has caught a dead tree and might release his chops. There is the legend of the man that has escaped a crocodile twice that way always pretending to be a trunk when the crocodile had its teeth in the man’s but. It’s a nice story, because the man got away with half his butt.

And now, something completely different: these days new discussion about the salaries of bank managers have arisen, as the UBS has after another disastrous year with horrible losses  just increased the salaries of its managers. Nobody in Switzerland can understand this kind of behaviour by the bank that has just survived the financial crisis thanks to a bail out financed by the Swiss government (in fact, the Swiss people…). And the UBS managers seem to lack the capacity to understand the citizens’ anger. Probably, they need special holidays at the shore of Lake Victoria. Risking their lives while fetching water for their daily bath would hopefully help them adjust their value system to a socially acceptable level.

(Michael Schilliger, 2007)


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