Serious crime

By: miktator

Feb 19 2010

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL

A chilly wednesday evening. I was walking home, heading towards my balcony at the Weststrasse when I suddenly faced a street blockade. Policecars and policemen had closed the street. I could see the entrance to my house from the blockade but they would not let me pass. To dangerous for you. What is going on, I asked them. We cannot tell, they said. I counted almost twenty policecars. Small ones, and big ones. After a while I took a walk around the next block and approached my house from another direction, but there were policemen too. I live just right over there, I said. Where, they asked. Just ten meters from here. Ten meters, are you sure? You can go, but go fast. I finally entered the house and went on my balcony so I could see what was so dangerous. In the windows of the neighbouring houses there were also people observing the police gathering in the Weststrasse. All the cars you can see on the picture above are policecars. The ones that do not look like policecars are undercover. For a long time nothing happened. Then four policemen led two arrested guys to one of the cars. Then nothing. What was going on that all these policemen were in the street. Where were all these policemen exactly. Then suddenly we heard a lot of noise from one of the buildings 40 meters from my balcony. You could see some light going on and off a window. Noise from crashing glass, or a door? Who knows. Then after a while 15 policemen left the building. Heavily armed, with helmets, and machine guns. After another half an hour all the police had left.

The next morning I expected to read an article in the local newspaper telling me what had happened the evening before. But nope. There was only a little note that two men in the Weststrasse had been fighting and one had carried a gun so the other one had alarmed the police, which then had to get the one man out of this building. The heavily armed policemen belonged to the special unit called “Scorpions”. So that was all? Because of a fight between two guys, the entire policeforce of Zurich gathered? They needed 16 heavily armed guys to beat up two normal guys? I don’t believe a single word.

Otherwise. If the story is true, then this is what we would call in Switzerland “serious crime”. Or what could then serious crime be if we had to use so many policemen to arrest two normal guys?

(Copyright by Michael Schilliger, 2009)


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