Video store

By: miktator

Jan 23 2010

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“Traditional” video rental store in Tanzania. The walls covered with cheap, illegal copies of b-movies we in Switzerland have never even heard of (I am pretty sure that the Americans have never heard of them either, although they are produced in their country). The b-movies are mostly ridicoulous action films, brutal, bloody, surreal. Still, you have a choice. Besides the brainless action films, there are plenty of exciting bollywood movies and some Nigerian productions available. The children that do not go to school (for various reasons, no money, horrible teacher, horrible school, whatever)  spend their time watching movies from outside the store.

I remember having met a young Tanzanian at the shore of Lake Tanganyika in Kasanga. He said to me: “Beware of the Americans. They have Robocops. I have seen it in movies.” His face was totally serious.

A few days ago newspapers in Zurich published the results of a survey according to which teenagers in Zurich are mostly happy. The findings of the study seemed to surprise many people. To be honest, I was surprised a little bit too, but after some thinking I realized that teenagers in Zurich – although they might suffer from many things as too much money or too much freedom and possibilities -are  freed from at least one fear: they do not believe in Robocops!

(Copyright by Michael Schilliger, 2009)


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