By: miktator

Jan 18 2010

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Category: Africa

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Focal Length:71.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Lake Victoria: one and a half time as big as Switzerland, only 80 meters deep. Every year the lake gets smaller and smaller, as new dams cut the lake off from its sources. The dams are supposed to generate energy which is needed for developing the surrounding countries. However, if the lake continues to shrink and vanishes completely, the area around the lake that is populated by almost 30 million people will become inhabitable. It might seem brutal and ironic that the mankind’s struggle for development might once again be only realizable at the expense of the poorest: the fishermen on the small dugout canoes, which you can see as a small thin line in the glittering water above.

(Copyright by Michael Schilliger, 2007)


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