The Minibus

A few days ago, some people have demanded that public transport in Zurich should be free of charge. No tickets, no fares, nothing, nada. Public transport in Switzerland indeed costs quite a lot: even for a short distance bus ride in the town centre you pay almost 3 dollars. However, the service is amazing.

Something you cannot really say of the public transport in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; unless you are the owner of a mattress which you want to move from one place to another. Then the Tanzanian minibus system might just be perfect for you. A bus ride in the minibus in Tanzania costs you 25 cents, no matter what distance. Sounds cheap, doesn’it? Probably the fact that many Tanzanians don’t even earn 1 dollar per day might change this impression. Consequently, the most important means of transportation in Tanzania still are the feet. They are also the most ecological one.

(Copyright by Michael Schilliger, 2007)


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